Protegiendo tierras sagradas
y bosques.

OIOC fue fundado en la inspiración obtenida de la naturaleza y la necesidad de salvaguardar nuestras tierras y bosques sagrados. Nuestro viaje estudia el vínculo intrínseco entre la preservación del medio ambiente y el bienestar humano. La degradación ambiental conduce a la pobreza y la erosión del equilibrio ecológico tradicional. Estamos comprometidos con soluciones proactivas. Al preservar la sabiduría ancestral y revitalizar las tierras sagradas a través de prácticas regenerativas, sanamos la tierra y elevamos a la comunidad global.

Financial Transparency  - Public Reporting

OIOC maintains financial transparency through annual reports and financial statements, which our accountant creates quarterly. Upon request, donors have access to financial information demonstrating how their contributions support our mission and programs. OIOC adheres to industry standards and regulations around fundraising practices, as outlined by Association of Fundraising Professionals: Code of Ethical Standards

Donation Tracking

OIOC implements spreadsheets, accounting ledgers, and project management tools to track and document fiscal expenditures. Donations are assigned to specific projects or programs, and donors receive annual reports detailing how funds were utilized.

Board Oversight - Internal Control

The Board of Directors of OIOC oversees policy implementation and adherence to financial transparency, reporting, and accountability.

Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment

OIOC regularly evaluates its programs and activities to assess efficacy and impact. We maintain open communication channels for donors to ask questions and provide feedback. Donors are welcome to visit project sites to witness impact firsthand.

Treatment of Confidential & Proprietary Information

OIOC values the privacy of donors' information. Any data provided during the donation process is confidential and used solely for donation-related purposes. We never share or sell donor information to third parties without explicit consent.

Contact Information

Donors and stakeholders may contact for inquiries or additional information regarding this policy.

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